Monday, March 24, 2008

First Ultrasound

(I wrote this blog about 2 weeks ago; just now got the pics on it)

We had our first ultrasound about 2 weeks ago (that would have made me 14 1/2 weeks). It was amazing to see how our little 3 inch baby really does look like a baby. The ultrasound technician (or whatever their proper title is :) showed us the baby's mouth opening and shutting, which was neat to see. The baby was just bouncing around in there like crazy; it amazes me how much it was moving and I still can't feel a thing. Lola and Samuel were very well behaved. They just watched the screen with such attention; it was cute. For a couple days after the ultrasound Samuel was reenacting how the lady put stuff on my belly and moved the "probe" around on my stomach, cute! Today, Lola woke up from her nap and walked into the living room holding her belly. She said very seriously, "Baby in my tummy." I just busted up laughing and then she started laughing. Kids are so funny.

Here are the ultrasound pics, enjoy!

This is a the baby's profile (It's the whole body, with the legs bent)

Here baby D is waving to us :)

This is the baby looking straight at us. (The face is on the right)


sjly7homested said...

Samuel did not like it much the when the docter was looking for the heart beat last time we were in. But he is amazing how he remembers things like the COOL GOO on the belly.

Nathan, Amanda, Violet & Anara said...

Cute! How are you feeling?