Thursday, September 2, 2010

Far Too Long...and Many Changes!

(The boys had a pirate birthday, complete with treasure hunt. It was great fun! ARRR)

It has been far too long since I have written anything on the happenings of the Davidson family. With the occasions of Samuel's 4th birthday, Brennan's 2nd, and a new additon to the family, I thought it was high time for me to update the blog. When I say "new addition," I must admit that "Satchemo" is not new to our family. Satchemo, or Juwan for that is his name.  You may wonder why I am calling him Satchemo and not "JOE." Well, he has the biggest, widest, opened mouth smile. Louis Armstrong, was called Satchemo because he had the biggest, open mouth grin, like a satchel. Anyway, a few days after he was born we brought him home from the hospital and he is now 6 months old. He is a beautiful boy with the most wonderful, bright eyes one could possibly imagine. He is very sweet natured and loves to interact with his two brothers.  Brennan and Samuel can easily make him laugh. Just recently he started sitting up on his own. He loves to play with his little toy piano, click his tongue, grab hold of his feet, and of course be held and snuggled. One funny thing he has been known to do is suck his lips; this is too cute. This little guy has stolen our hearts.

(Brennan's first hair cut)

(No I was not going to smack his head. I was feeling his new clean cut.)

Brennan, has changed and grown in so many ways; it is hard to believe he is 2 years old now. He no longer has all those beautiful blond curls. Those were cut off about a month ago because he just didn't like getting his hair washed or brushed. This is a lot easier on him and me :) However, he is just as cute! Brennan is usually at his big brother's side trying to imitate whatever Samuel may be doing. Yet, there are lots of things he enjoys that are all his own. He loves cars, trucks, trains, tractors, and tools. It is funny to watch him play because he often makes great sound effects along with the motions. Many times you can find him hammering, sweeping, lining his "cars" up like a train, or stacking blocks. Some of his favorite books are "Tom and Pippo," Benny Bakes a Cake, Old MacDonald has a Workshop, and Machines at Work. Don't let all the interest in cars and tools fool you though; he is very sweet and tender also. Sometimes, he will just go and talk to the baby or give him a toy, which is often not age appropriate. However, it's the thought that counts. My baby boy is also getting very independant. If I try and help him he often says, "ME!" He is wonderful and I love watching him grow into the little man God is molding him to be.
(First Soccer Game, what a cheese!)
Samuel is now a big 4 year old who loves to make friends. Anytime we go someplace he usually says, "Mom I'm going to make friends today." The amazing thing is that he always does. He is not shy at all, introducing himself to some child and asking them if they would like to be his friend. Countless times I have seen him hand in hand running and playing with a new friend. Along with being great at making new friends, he is also a wonderful big brother to Brennan and Satchemo. Many times he is including Brennan in one of his make believe games or sharing a new toy with him. They are always running around the house after dragons or some other creature. One thing that seems to be pretty constant with Samuel is his love of language. Whether it be books, poetry, silly sounding words, or words in other languages, he is very interested in them all. Lately, he has been loving to read Shel Silverstien's poetry. He has two of his poems memorized one is about too many kids in a tub and the other about a man's beard. We get a laugh most of the time when we are reading his poetry. One other new highlight in Samuel's life is that he has started soccer with the Y. Scott is his coach and it is great fun to see him out there running along side all these other little 4 year olds, chasing the soccer ball. Brennan loves to run out there also. He thinks he is part of the team and is always saying "team," when he hears us talking about soccer. Samuel's team is called Power and their favorite thing to do is huddle, put their hands in and on the count of three yell, POWER! Sometimes we have to do it 2 times :) If he comes away from this experience with new friends, fun, and being active then that is fine with me.

(GO POWER! the little guy in the green wasn't on our team, but hey this is too much fun to miss out on.)

Well, hope the brief update and pictures are a welcome relief from the "nothing new" that has been on here for far too long.