Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow, Snow why did you have to go?

Yippee, it finally snowed...well at least a little while ago.  As many of you know, the snowy days here have been very rare, too few by our family's standards.  Yet, we are thankful for the few times we were able to get out and play in the good old white stuff!  Our boys love the snow and as it began to get warmer and start to melt, it was perfect for making snow men...or massive snow balls with leafs and sticks stuck in it!  Scott, managed to roll this huge snow ball out of the snow, leafs, and who knows what else, from our ditch (yuck!)  The boys loved it!  They climbed on it, they tried to push it, they made modern art out of it.  Juwan enjoyed riding around in his car for the most part, but got out for a few seconds to participate in the snowy revelry.  Oh, snow too soon were you gone!