Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I would never do that!

Ok, I'm not sure if it's lack of sleep or just being busy accommodating to having three children now, but I have been doing some pretty crazy things I said I would never do. Often one might hear stories about a child being locked in a car or one might see something that another parent is doing and think to themselves, "I can't believe they are doing that!," or "How could they let that happen?" Well, I now know how and am the "guilty" offender.

Scott had a soccer game the other day and Lola was gone on a visit so I wanted to do something with Samuel besides stay home and wait for Scott to get back. After nap I took Samuel and Brennan (for those of you who don't know this is our precious new arrival) and we went to watch Tati's soccer game. Samuel was so excited to see the copii play futbol and the rain looked as if it had stopped; so off we went. I'm feeling pretty good about getting us all out. Samuel and Brennan in the double stroller, Brennan nursed and sleeping, beautiful cool fall weather, out of the house, what more could I ask for. Well, not more than probably 15 minutes after our arrival the clouds begin to darken and it gets down right cold! Then it starts to rain and rain hard. I head back to the car with what speed I can muster pushing a double stroller with a two year old and baby in car seat through the wet grass. I decide to put Samuel in the front seat and then put Brennan in so we can wait for Scott to get done. I set him in and the diaper bag, then start pushing Brennan over to his side of the van. No problem, until I hear the familiar sound of van doors locking...still nothing to worry about, until I realize that the keys are securely latched onto the diaper bag strap!

By this time, it is pouring down rain; I'm soaked and thank God Brennan is pretty well covered from the elements. I then proceed to try and get Samuel to unlock the door by pushing the same button he had just pushed. He does well pushing the button but is pushing it in the wrong direction. I am getting frantic, and I raise my voice trying to get Samuel's attention, which keeps getting averted to the newly acquired little toy train. At some point I think Samuel began to grasp the seriousness because he kept pushing the button over and over and had this sad, scared, embarrassed look on his face. Maybe when a small crowd began to gather and my voice was a little louder than usual. I have to admit I even cussed (not at Samuel) a few times. Finally, by God's grace a van pulled up that had a hanger and my window was down just enough, that after a couple of tries, I was able to push the button and get in the van. I felt terrible because I know Samuel thought I was mad at him and that he was in trouble. I just kept explaining to him that I was sorry I yelled, but that I was scared and I wasn't mad at him. Whew, needless to say we all went out for pizza after that, no cooking at home for stressed out mom :)

So, I am one of those parents who has now locked their child in the car, but at least the fire department didn't have to be called. I guess I wanted to "confess" to all of you because I to often have jumped the gun in judging others, especially parents. I hope now I might be a little less quick with my comments...I hope!