Sunday, March 22, 2015

Roses are red violets are blue...

Roses are red violets are blue we like poems, how about you? Cheesy I know! I remember writing silly little poems for my mom and most of them began with the "roses are red" bit.  The other poems I would write were the type you would use the letters of someone's name. For example I'm sure I wrote a poem for my mother that might have gone something like this; Magnificent Oh, so wonderful Mom. Cheesy again right? In school I do not remember poetry playing a major role in my education.  Yet, with my kids I have really found the joy of poetry. There are poems that rhyme, those that don't, silly poems, serious poems, and nonsense poems.  Shel Silverstein is probably my children's favorite poet because his poems are funny and even gross at times, but he has a few that he slips in that make me teary eyed.  So, when Samuel had to come up with some poems I was really impressed with his hard work. His poems are not quite as cheesy as mine.  But he is an 8 year old boy, so they definitely are silly.  I hope you enjoy them as much I did working with him and hearing him come up with ideas.

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