Monday, April 13, 2009

Too Big for His Breeches!

Brennan was supposed to be taking a nap but this is what I found when I peeked in the room!

Brennan is getting way too big for his breeches literally and figuratively. First, he only has a couple of outfits that fit him right now. I thought we were set having another baby boy only five days from Samuel's birthday; all the same sizes for all the right seasons. WRONG! Brennan is much longer than Samuel was at this stage. Three outfits I had for him were already getting worn in the toes from when Samuel wore them because they were second hand, but Brennan's big toes poked through them and well that leaves him with only a few things to wear. I am constantly doing laundry to keep from running out of things for him to wear. Soon warmer weather will arrive and that means short outfits; he will fit into those because he doesn't have to worry about being too long for them. Secondly, he has been pulling up on things and standing now for a couple of weeks...this stage makes me a nervous wreck. Gone are the days of laying quietly on his back or even being content with just crawling around. Oh no, he has to pull up on hard kitchen chairs, the excersaucer (which is not very stable), the little wooden rocking chair (also not stable, rocky), or hey how about the wall or dresser. He can't pull up on soft things like the couch or something. Last night, he woke up crying, which is normal he usually gets back to sleep fairly quickly, but he had the hiccups. It sounded like he was really awake. Then it got quiet and I was already drifting back to sleep when Scott and I hear this crash and then screaming crying. I run into Brennan's room and I can tell he has just fallen backwards from standing up in his crib and hit his head. Oh it was horrible and then once he was calmed down I realize he has leaked out of his diaper and was poopy...lovely at 1:30 in the morning. He is just getting too big and doing so many new things way to fast. I don't know why I'm surprised because in 2 weeks he will be 8 months old, but it still seems too soon to me :)
Brennan pulling up on the very unstable rocking chair!

Brennan crawling under his excersaucer.

Brennan playing in the grass outside.

Brennan snuggling on the front porch with his Tati.

I had to be very vigilant to keep sticks, grass, and other things out of his mouth.

He was so mad; he really wanted the camera.

Loving the swing!

Pulling up on the bookcase...looking for a good read!


John Davidson said...

It really is crazy how big he is and climbing up on everything, that boy is going to be walking early.

jeanne b. said...

I love seeing the boys. They are cute and adorable and well worth all the worry, eh? _Aunt Jeanne