Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Video clips:Brennan crawling and bouncing. Samuel kissing :)

Tonight while we were eating cookies Samuel stuck out his lips for a kiss and then just held it there...he wouldn't pull away. He did this like three times and I had Scott film some of it...he is too funny.

Brennan loves to bounce; if you hold him standing on your lap he will automatically start jumping. Here he is in his excersaucer. He jumps so hard that he will move his excersaucer across the kitchen floor. Bouncing Baby Brennan or as Samuel loves for me to say, "Jumping Jelly Bean."

Here is Brennan with his new army crawl...he sure can get around! Samuel also had to show us that HE knows how to crawl also...geeze Brennan's getting all the attention. Watch at the end because Brennan really goes for the broom.

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John Davidson said...

That's great! Pretty soon they will be running around like we were in that video dad put together for me. I love Scott running in front of the camera!