Monday, December 29, 2008

Who's that baby? Part 2

Everyday, I see Brennan and Samuel changing so much and I look back at pictures of Samuel as a baby and even Brennan when he was newborn and am amazed at how much they have changed. I am also struck by how similar they look; I mean Brennan really looks like Samuel when he was a baby. I definitely see differences also, but am completely amazed at how these two brothers really do look alike. During my pregnancy I often wondered if this baby (Brennan) would look like Samuel or different. I mean my sisters and I have some similarities, but I wouldn't say we look alike. So, who is that baby? Can you tell which one is Brennan and which one is Samuel?
As I look at their similarities in appearance I can't help but wonder if their personalities will bare any resemblances to one another or not. I can already tell you that Brennan is a very different baby than Samuel was, but a lot of that may have to do with him being our second born, but 3rd child in the house. One major difference is that Brennan nurses only when he is hungry. He doesn't nurse for comfort or to fall asleep; he nurses when he is hungry. Samuel on the other hand would nurse, and nurse, and nurse some more if I would let him. He nursed for comfort, he nursed when he was hungry, he nursed when he was sleepy, I think he even nursed when he was bored. Brennan also will play by himself for longer periods of time than Samuel ever did. Yet, once again...Samuel and I were alone together all day long and well, I had the time to just sit and play with him. Brennan, poor guy, has to play by himself sometimes while I tend to the other two!
With all that said, they are both wonderful boys...each unique and beautiful in many different ways. Samuel is really so sweet. He is starting this new thing where he will come up to me and say, "I love you too!" without me saying I love you first. It is great...He still loves books and loves to rhyme. His knew favorite is a tribute to my grandpa Spelbring who taught me it a long time ago. It goes like this, "Gean Gean made a machine. Joe Joe made it go. Art Art let a fart and blew it all apart. Boof!" I know my grandpa is smiling in heaven when he hears Samuel's sweet voice saying this funny little ditty. I will have to get it on video soon. Don't worry though; he also loves the tradition nursery rhymes from Mother Goose.
Brennan is growing like a weed. It's hard to believe he is 4 months old already. He loves to grab things and is really good at getting them in his mouth. During tummy time he is almost inch worming. He will get up on his knees a bit, which makes me nervous...crawling I think is just around the corner for him, Yikes! He loves to watch Samuel and Lola and often they are the ones that make him smile. Samuel the other day came up to him while I was holding him and gave him a hug. When he pulled away he said, "EEww, vomit!" Brennan had a little wet spit up on his bib and Samuel had laid his cheek on it while giving him a hug. It was too funny.
Well, hope you have fun trying to figure out Who's that baby?

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