Monday, December 1, 2008

Samuel...In the Night Kitchen

"Did you ever hear of Mickey, how he heard a racket in the night and shouted "Quiet down there!" and fell through the dark, out of his clothes past the moon and his mama and papa sleeping tight, into the light of the night kitchen?"

excerpt from "In the Night Kitchen"

Samuel, Brennan, and I went to the library a couple of weeks back and along with us came the kitchen whisk. Now, if you know Samuel some of his favorite play toys are kitchen utensils. For example tonight he was playing with the whisk, a little tea basket for brewing tea, and an empty plastic jug. It is funny because he actually asked for the "thingy to make ceai" (the thing to make tea) to play with. It was up in the cabinet out of sight. Well, the librarian saw Samuel and his whisk and thought he might enjoy a book called, "In the Night Kitchen" written by Maurice Sendak. I was surprised that she chose this book because the week before we had borrowed, "Where the Wild Things Are," which is another one of his books and Samuel really liked it. She
"warned" me that there was nudity in the book. I could have laughed out loud...she doesn't know that our Samuel loves to be naked, and not just naked, "butt naked" according to him :)

This book has become a hit in our home. Lola and Samuel both love it! Scott and I think it is too cute...I was surprised to read that it has been a controversial book over the years, with librarians going to the extremes of drawing underwear on little Mickey's bear butt! It is funny because in many ways Samuel is our Mickey. He loves to be naked and he loves the kitchen. If he had his way he would be naked all day. The day after Thanksgiving he was supposed to be taking a nap and I open the door only to find Samuel with a bare behind and his underwear thrown on the floor. I almost started laughing, maybe I did...(John, Kristen, Carrie, did I laugh?) Anyway, it is often a struggle to get him to wear clothes.

Here is our "Mickey" naked with whisk and jug in hand, cheesing it up!

If you want to see some more go to this link...
In the Night Kitchen - Google Book Search

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it's hard for me to believe that already Brennan has experienced so many firsts...first Halloween, first snow (which was yesterday, so pretty), first smile, and now his first Thanksgiving. He is getting so big and his personality is starting to shine through. He is such an easy going baby for the most part, except he is such a fidgety nurser...he will only nurse if he is hungry and even then it isn't always a relaxing experience. Samuel would nurse and nurse and nurse and nurse some more if I would have let him :) Brennan loves to be cuddled and he will just look up at me with the sweetest little smile. When placed on his belly he will turn his body, sometimes in a half of a circle turn by moving his arms and upper body. Believe it or not, he was getting up on his knees; he is strong. Anyway, our Thanksgiving weekend has been a bit hectic since Lola and Samuel have been pretty sick, but we still managed to see some family and eat a lot of turkey and pumpkin pie, Yummy! Here are a few picks of our Brennan Marian's first Thanksgiving!

Brennan with his cousin Erin...she is soo good with all the little kids!

Brennan with Great Granny Mary

Brennan with Kristen, uncle John's favorite gal :)

Brennan with his Mema!

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John Davidson said...

Yes, you laughed when Samual stripped down when he should have been napping - I did also :-)