Sunday, February 21, 2016

Six Years Old Already!?!

I remember bringing home Juwan; he seemed so tiny as if the carseat would swallow him up! The blue pacifier was huge compared to his precious dollop of a mouth.  Samuel and Brennan appeared giants next to him, even though they were only 4 and 1 at the time.  These images are so fresh in my mind that when I look at this tall, curly headed boy I can hardly believe he is the same baby we brought home 6 years ago.  Now, he is towering over his older brother Brennan and not far behind his oldest brother Samuel.  His infectious laugh and smile can still capture the heart of anyone.  He loves basketball, tumbling, music, and running around like a gorilla with Brennan and Lige.  Sometimes if he doesn't know you are watching, one can really see him getting into the music.   Yes, our little boy is six years old already!

We had a beautiful, warm, sunny day to celebrate his birthday with family and friends.  Juwan chose a cool combination of a cake.  It was tie-dyed in the middle, white icing, covered with tons of sprinkles and balloons as the topper.  It was fun and the kids all helped with the rainbow inside.  Lola and Samuel even helped run little stations.   Lola was in charge of glittery tattoos and Samuel was in charge of straw rockets.  We ended the party with a minion piƱata.  Juwan enjoyed himself even though he is still a little shy at birthday parties.  Yes, even his own.

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