Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Fun!

Fall is my favorite time of the makes me so nostalgic for some reason.  Maybe it's the cool weather, the changes that it brings.  Whatever it is I find my mind meandering through times past.  Here is a pictorial summary of all our fall fun...I'm sure in the Autumns to come, I will find my mind recalling some of these beautiful moments that we attempted to capture here.  
Apple picking

Even Juwan helped

Look how many I have!


Strong boy!

Oops, pretty sure you're not supposed to climb the apple trees! 
Perfect height, he couldn't resist.


Pretending to eat apples...umm wait a minute there are bites out of some of these!

What to do with all those apples...make apple sauce of course!

Brennan, Samuel, and Juwan loved to help with the crank...Nana and Tati did most of the hard work!

2nd year of soccer!

Watching the game.

Still loves to chat with friends on the field.
 While cleaning some leaves out of the flower garden, out jumps this little bunny.  At first I thought it was a mouse or something.  We put it in a recycling box with some water because we didn't know if it was old enough to be away from it's mother.  After some Internet research, we found out that baby bunnies are kicked out of the nest at about 5 weeks old.  If the little white diamond patch on the face is gone, then it's old enough to be on it's own.  Much to the disappointment of Samuel and Brennan, we set the little guy free.  We all took a bike ride and let him/her go near the woods. 

Isn't it's face so cute!

Juwan tried to kiss it.

Can you spot the bunny?

Setting bunny free.

Making lanterns. Hammering out the pattern.

Putting on the handle.

Ta da...finished product.

 First year putting up our very own Sukka for the holiday of Sukkot!  Scott did a lot of work and it turned out great.  For the most part we kept dry!  The boys painted pine cones to hang from the ceiling.  We enjoyed eating in our Sukka and sleeping in it (Samuel, Brennan, and Scott).  We learned that the sukka is a symbol of the right arm of God, which is Jesus.  It is as if we are in the arm of God, held only as one truely beloved!  It helped us remember that God has us in His embrace and that all parts of our lives are holy by His grace, by His Son! 

 Once again, off to the pumpkin patch with my mom, sisters, brother-in-law Dave, and my nieces!

Touching the lumpy pumpkin

How sweet!

What a beautiful sunflower!

Who's that man looking at me?

Morgan with Juwan

Savana with Juwan

Nikki, Shelbi, Mom, and me

Chillin' with Erin

Surprise, Surprise...Brennan climbing a tree.

Juwan taking a stroll with his Tati.

Carving pumpkins

Digging out the seeds.

Finished...Samuel drew the face for the big pumpkin.

Poems are really enjoyed in our house; so it's only appropriate to leave you with another one.

What I Love About Autumn

Apple picking
Frisbee flicking
Falling leaves
Bracing breeze
Flying kites
Cool crisp nights
Trick or Treat
(Sweets to eat)
Pumpkin pies
Clear blue skies
Relay Races
Football games-
I love that autumn has two names.

Douglas Florian (Autumnblings)

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