Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things I don't want to forget!

O.K. so I have been keeping track of funny things said, done, or just some moments that I do not want to forget. Scott and I have been looking back on when Samuel was a baby and we both realized that our memories are not as good as we thought they would be. Of course there are things we remember, but there are more moments and funny quirks that we have forgotten. Therefore, I am trying to write things down so we can look back and our memories will be jogged and we can enjoy once again those wonderful moments of our children's childhoods.

One day Samuel came running out of the bathroom yelling, "Mama, I had a saxophone poop." Sure enough (yes I had to go see it of course) his poop did resemble a saxophone!

While eating dinner at our friends the Campbells, Samuel at one point said he had to stop eating (it escapes me what he was eating) because it was going to make him toot. Then he said, "You know toot means you have gas."

Reading a book of children's poems there was a poem about telling a secret to and egret and the egret then shared it with all the other birds one of them being a Cockatoo. Well Samuel just cracked up when I read the part about a Cockatoo. I couldn't figure it out until he said, "Ha ha that said 'caca'too." He was laughing because caca in Romanian means poop! So it was a poopatoo! Now we laugh when Brennan poops or Samuel farts and we call them cockatoos. I don't know why bodily functions are so funny for kids and as one friend commented even for grown men.

Samuel really likes the Jabberwocky poem from Alice and Wonderland. He will often repeat lines from it while playing. Such as, "Callooh, Callay," "My beamish boy," or he will talk about his "vorpal sword." Here is a link to a video he just loves.

We had to have Samuel's carpet cleaned (long story) and the smell from the cleaning solutions was pretty strong; so I put Samuel to nap in our bed. I went to wake him up and when I opened the door he popped open his eyes. He helled out his hands palms up and hands open while saying, "Do you see this? Do you see this?" Well, naturally I went up to him and asked,"What what is it?" He didn't have anything in his hands and you could tell he was in between sleep and waking. Then he took his hands like he was pulling something stringy from one hand to the next. He said, "Do you see this? It's flubbery."

Samuel calls his farts, rocket blasters!

Samuel loves words. He will ask what a word means or a certain saying. Sometimes I just say words because I think he will like the way they sound. One day I told him the word "pumpernickel." He just cracked up laughing. Then at playgroup a couple days later we had been playing and it was time to leave. Samuel turns to Stephanie all excited and said, "Stephanie, I forgot to tell you something." Then he shouts, "Pumpernickel!" With thunderous laughter following.

"Mom, I am going to do you a flavor." says Samuel. "Do you mean a favor?" I say. "No, a flavor."

Samuel often has a great imagination. We will have make believe visitors with us through out the whole day. He will constantly give me updates on what they are doing or not doing, what they want to eat, if they are going with us in the car and what not. One day it was Delila and Chobacca the nice monsters. The next it's Aladdin and Tarzan.

During our quiet time before bed Samuel and I were talking and he was remembering some things that had happened during the day. He was talking about how Great Grandpa Bill had read him some books down at the farm. I said how nice that was that Grandpa Bill read books to him and how we love him. Samuel says,"Yea, but Grandpa Bill is old and rusty."

Down at the farm we are getting ready to head home and Samuel says, "Dang it!" Now I try to remind him not to say this, even though I know I slip up and say it and he learned it from me. So, I say my little part about how he shouldn't say this; that it doesn't sound nice. He then says, "It was just a figure of speech."

These are some things Brennan has been doing for a couple of months now or just recently.

He loves to put the phone to his ear and say, "Hi."

He ways at every person he sees practically. And he has recently been saying, "Hi" as he waves.

Brennan would be outside all the time if we could let him and when he is out in our yard he is chasing the chickens and tapping them with a stick. (Ooops, I think he saw his mama do this :) He also was chasing butterflies. This game of chase with the butterfly would go on as long as he could keep track of it!

When Brennan sees or hears a dog he will pant like a dog. This is the sign we taught him for dog or "caine."

My baby is a dancing machine. He loves music and will get his feet going really fast. It reminds me of flash dance! Tonight, Samuel, Brennan, and I were dancing to some Paul Simon "Graceland." Brennan had his arms going up in the air.

I have been trying to teach Samuel some of his letters and we have the letter A and S on the kitchen wall. Anyway, one day Brennan was saying "a." I thought hmm...I'll just see if he knows what he is doing. I said, "Brennan were is the "a?" He went to the wall and looked up at the "a." He also now says the "sss" sound for 'S.'

Sometimes if I"m folding laundry in his room while he is playing, he will get his glow worm and press the button for it to sing. Then he will come to my lap holding his glow worm like a baby and sits in my lap to be rocked. He is so sweet!

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John Davidson said...

I know 1 1/2 hours is actually not that far but I really wished I lived closer. I wish I could just swing by and see them grow up. I'm so glad you blog! I need to drop by more often!