Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

As I was listening to the radio today on my way home from church, the announcer said that motherhood changes women in ways they may not have imagined it would. At first that may sound like an obvious statement, but in reality I do not think I was prepared as to how I would be changed by becoming a mother.
I look back and realize in many ways I'm not as adventuresome as I used to be. This is not a bad thing...I'm not lamenting on being a mother. Rather, I'm realizing how my outlook on life has changed. Also, I used to be really cut and dry about how children should be raised. Of course I thought I had all the answers. I also had a list of all the things I would not do with my child. Believe me many of those have gone out the window. Also, I used to think I was a really patient person. Well, I know that I am not. Many times I feel like such a failure when it comes to being a mom. But I know that being perfect is a false idea...I just hope my kids remember all the times when I was patient and fun, instead of when I lost my temper and ran out of interesting, new things for them to do. Most of all, I look at the world in a different way. I see children in horrible situations throughout the world and can't imagine how difficult it is for their parents to see them suffer. I think to the orphans that I know in Romania and imagine what if Samuel was in their shoes. Every child starts to take on the face of my own and it is hard to understand why some are born where they are and others not. I get scared that someday something will happen to me and Samuel will be alone and I think this is the worst fear of all. Yet, I have to remember that God is in control and He has a mighty plan. But this is motherhood, with all it's wonderful blessings of smiles, kisses, hugs, and silly laughter, tears, cries, bumps, and fears; it changes you.
Enough of my rambling. Happy Mother's Day to all the women I know and do not know...whether you have children or not...I know you have been a mother to someone in someway.
A couple weeks back, I decided spur of the moment to take the kids to this really beautiful park. It was a nice day, but it was close to nap time; we decided to go anyway. Wait a minute, maybe I'm not losing my adventuresome side :) Anyway, it couldn't have been a better day. We had a picnic lunch in the open field. The weather was warm but breezy. A wonderful spring day to explore the gardens and hike a little in the woods. Scott and I were amazed at how Lola and Samuel just kept going, climbing, running, and exploring. They hardly even wanted us to carry them, which for their short legs seems a pretty amazing thing to me. Here a few pictures from our time there.

I'm not sure what this poze is all about.

I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more when I saw Samuel's crack shining. Then Lola laughed and then Samuel turned around and laughed.

Samuel "kissing" the fish. They both had such fun climbing on these things.

What can I say? I am truly blessed...he is so beautiful!

Samuel watching some kids play "futbol" soccer. I love the hand behind his back! The next two pictures are when Samuel turned to us and said "Pa Pa" "Bye Bye" and then started walking. He just kept going until we stopped him.

Speaking of seeing your children experience bumps and bruises ...about a week ago. I took Samuel and Lola to the park to see Scott. He was having a play day with his kids there. We were having fun until Samuel busted his lip on the steps leading to the slide. Blood was going everywhere. I had to stop it with my hand. Good thing there was a kind lady there who gave me some tissues. It didn't look too bad from the outside, but on the inside there was a huge chunk of fatty like tissue sticking out. Took him to the doctor and they said no need for stitches. Well, more than a week later the rest is healing but the tissue inside is still sticking out. As a matter of fact, Samuel bit it on accident the other day and it started bleeding. Poor guy. So back to the doctor...he still thinks it will go away...but wants to see him again in two weeks. Pray that God heals it and there will be no need for any other means of removing it! Here is a picture of the inside.

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