Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last weekend we went down to the farm so Samuel could ride the "big tractor." He loves tractors and has only been in the smaller ones. So, his Poppy was out harvesting beans and stopped to let him have a ride. Of course Scott had to get in on the action also :) I'm not sure who had more fun, Samuel or Scott? Anyway, Samuel wasn't scared at all and ended up falling asleep to the noise of the combine. Here are some pics.


Christina said...

Wow! What a cutie! I can't believe he's already walking. I miss you guys already and we really do need to figure out a time for you guys to come visit - I think it's going to have to be after I get back from Afghanistan, though :(

Scott and Emily's Blog said...

Hey Christine,
I know it's amazing he's walking. He busted his lip big time today walking and falling flat on his face in the kitchen :( Yes, we need to get together and i understand if it's after afghanistan. Can you believe what's going on in mynmar (spelling)?

Nathan, Amanda, Violet & Anara said...

Hi Emily - this is Amanda. I am glad to have a new blog to spy on. Samuel is adorable! Hope you are well.